First, dont mind the fact that Im not using apostrophes. That particular key is set to some weird symbol. Foreign missionaries. Anyway, we were supposed to be able to email on Friday but the server has been down for a couple of days. But its back up. Obvs. 


Heres the second thing you need to know. By the end of Wednesday night I officially could not keep track of everything I needed to tell you. So Im working on it, but until I get down a system Im just gonna hit you with a list of everything I can think of. 


1. If I had to choose one person who ended up with a private room at the MTC, it would be me. #onlythebestforjen I guess the girl who was supposed to be my companion decided not to go, so Im in a trio. The three of us share a six person apartment, and my bed is in the room next to theirs. Dont worry, we keep our doors open at night. Also, Im at West campus, which is heaven. I kid you not. We live at Wyview and have all of our classes at Raintree, and its maybe the best thing in the world. 


2. My comps are Sister Flores and Sister Peacock. Sis Flores is so cool. We get along really well. Shes from DC and is a native Spanish speaker, so she has a really great accent and is all around great. Sister Peacock doesnt like cheese either, so thats a nice thing. She plays French Horn, so thats cool too. And thats all Ive got to say about that. Except not really, because I want to say that we work really well together, and its all good. 


3. I see Sister Rodriguez on the daily. She is in the other district in our zone, so we have class next door to each other, live right near each other, exercise and eat together, and have all of our zone teaching and everything together. Blessings from on high. I also seriously like her companion, Sister Hilton. The five of us are all emailing together right now. 


4. The elders in our district are… 18… and thats definitely all ill say about that. 


5. I really love being a missionary. I love being called Sister Joslin. 


6. Thank you all so much for your DearElders. They are so exciting. And Mom, if you post a link to this on FB, will you tag Craig Yugawa and Jordan Shawn Meservy. Question mark doesnt work either. Anyway Craig sent me a postcard and he pointed out how great it was that I dont have to be in awkward groups of three anymore. But I need both him and Jordan to know that it looks like Im destined to be in awkward groups of three for the rest of time and all eternity. 


7. I had One Direction stuck in my head for at least the first 72 hours. Its starting to fade though. Gradually. 


8. Thor, I found your bobby pin!!!


Uhhhh Im going to attach pictures now and see if I think of anything else as I go. Oh heres one. Our flight leaves at 7 24 in the am next tuesday, so Mom, you might have to be awake at the crack of dawn if you want to talk to me. But we can talk more about that next week. 


Ok, Im sending a separate email with pics.


We Sisters have been getting together at night to sing hymns and what not, so that’s been nice.


Oh! And heres what we do. A lot of roleplay, and a lot of personal and companion study, and a lot of prayer. A lot a lot a lot of all those things. Haha its kind of weird to roleplay, but you actually get a surprising amount of revelation out of it. We are teaching an investigator named Brian, played by our teacher who really taught Brian on his mission. Weve taught him twice, and we teach him again tomorrow. Its cool. We pray for guidance like nobodys business.




Sister Joslin