Gabriel and Jen
8. Kate, remember when you told me I should maybe take it easy on the glare? Well I’m actually finding a place for it. Turns out it works really well in lessons. Especially challenges and commitments.
9. Remember Gabriel, the nearly perfect man I mentioned earlier? Well, we just taught him. We invited him a few lessons ago to prepare to be baptized, and we’ve been following up with him every time. Well, tonight we followed up and asked where he was in that decision making process and he said he’s there, he wants to be baptized. So we were stoked, obvs, but we finished up the lesson and said our goodbyes and everything. But we really didn’t know if he was actually a member that was acting or if he was really an investigator. They have both here, and they do everything in their power to keep you in the dark as to whether or not your investigator is real. Sooo we asked him. He was really confused when we asked if he was a member. He was like “uhhh a member of your church?? Not yet…..” So. It’s still not 100%, but I’m like 93% sure that our first investigator just committed to baptism. We got his contact info, so we’ll keep in touch and see what happens.