Little Hey Little Ho!

I made it to Colorado! And I’ve got like five trillion things to say about that. But let me start with what I think will be the most entertaining list.

Things I never thought would happen:

1. My very first ward is a singles ward. Typical. I was not stoked on that when I found out. Obvs (Is there anything worse than singles wards?) BUT it’s actually maybe the best thing in the world. Our Bishop is the coolest, we get to teach really awesome girls that are our age and that we can totally relate to, our building is right next to the CMU (Colorado Mesa University) campus, so we can street contact like nobody’s business, and our area is basically the greater Grand Junction valley. So we have like 12 million miles each month. And we do cover Fruita. But I keep forgetting to ask about Mike the Headless Chicken.

2. I officially find it more comfortable to be in a skirt than in jeans.

3. I ate three bites of chicken alfredo. I almost died. But I did it.

Uhhhh k maybe that’s the end of that list. Other things you should know. I can email errybody! (Ma, will you put that on the left sidebar) And my address is:

246 Belford Ave #11

Grand Junction, CO … Aaaand you’re gonna need to Google Map that zip code. Not sure what it is. But then can you also put that on the left sidebar?

Ok now let me talk about my trainer. Because she is a Godsend. I kid you not. If you were to ask me to describe the qualities of my ideal trainer, I would basically be describing Sister Cope. Which is funny because she has only been out for one transfer. So she’s just a really good missionary by nature. Ok so she is from Michigan, 19, studying nursing at BYUI. We work hard all the day long, seeing as how we’ve both made it a goal to be exactly obedient. That’s the secret- work, work, work.  (Thanks Ezra) But the real thing is, she loves to rap! And we are both decent beatboxers, so we have a good time together. And the members notice how well we get along. After one of our dinners we gave a spiritual thought, and one of the family members just looked at us and said “you two are going to work well together.”

Now let me tell you about President and Sister Murdock. They are the coolest. So motivating, so loving, just downright awesome. But I will probably never see them again because I’m stuck out here in the boondocks. #dramatic. I actually like it out here, but it is a bummer being so far out west.

Time for funny stories. If you’ve been skimming, now is the time to zone back in.

1. I got stuck in the bathroom the other day. Our doors are kind of the worst, and one day I just couldn’t get it open. Mild claustrophobia set in. I had to call out for Sister Cope to come kick the door in.

2. One night we were OYMing (OYM = Open Your Mouth) and we started talking to this guy walking home from school. We shared a little bit and asked if there was a time we could meet with him. He was so stressed. He was like “No, I have 18 credits this semester! I JUST got back from the engineering building!” So we gave him our number on a card, told him to call if he needed anything, etc, etc. He stops, looks at us and says “you girls are just so… I want to say… beautiful…” Fades off, turns around, walks away.

Ok this one is less “ha ha” funny and more “wow what a tender mercy” funny.

3. The other day we were hungry. Like, hungry as can be. And it has been feeling like Fall, so we had been talking about pumpkin flavored things and hearty bacon, etc. etc. all the day long. So we’re on our way to this girl Carly’s house, who is making us dinner. Carly is the sweetest. She’s 17, she got in one little fight and her mom got scared and said you’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Grand Junction. That’s not exactly what happened. But she did make one mistake and ended up here for awhile. Anyway, we LOVE her. She is so cool. So we walk in, and what do we find, but PUMPKIN PANCAKES AND BACON. The tenderest of mercies. Bless her heart for listening to the promptings of the Spirit.

Finally, some remaining thoughts from the MTC. I miss Sister Flores already. She taught us all really great Spanish phrases like “pero en serio do.” (but seriously though) and I miss saying that all the time with her. But maybe the hardest thing in the world was leaving Sister Rodriguez after transfer meeting on Tuesday morning. She stayed metro, and I went out west, so we are officially apart. We both cried.

There’s probably more to say. Oh! Such as! Happy birthday, Boy! I took a happy birthday picture yesterday, but I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to send pictures sooo you might not see that for awhile. But I hope you had a good day! And thanks to you and Gin for your DearElders!

And Jaclyn, thank you for your postcard! I loved it. I’m planning on stocking up here so I can send out some postcards of beautiful Grand Junction.

Anyway. I’m happy. The work is good. The weather is beautiful. We get fed pretty well considering we’re in a singles ward. So it’s all good!

OH and everybody watch this video. In fact, Mom will you just embed it in this post? It’s a Mormon Message, called Daily Bread: Pattern

#iloveyoualwaysforever #sodoesgod

Love, Sister Joslin