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Yikesabee. It is packed in here. So I don’t have much time. But here’s everything from the last week that I decided was journal worthy and therefore blog worthy. 

1. We had exchanges with the Sister Training leaders on Wednesday. Sister Cope and I got to go out with Sister Jones. She’s great. We have much to work on. 

2. Ok this is a good one. Our mission is piloting a program where we use justserve.org (check it out) so we do 4 hours of service each week. Last week we volunteered at a community garden here in Junctown. We walked away with bags full of the sweetest tomatoes and grapes I have ever tasted. This week we volunteered at the Food Bank. After our four hours we were on our way out when the coordinator stops us and says he has a treat for us. We try to decline, but he says he is so appreciative of the LDS girls that come in every week and work hard, etc, etc. So he leads us into the freezer, pulls down a box, and hands it to us. It’s toffee. And not just any toffee, it’s Enstrom’s toffee, which is the best toffee you’ve ever tasted in your life. And how big was this box you ask? 25 lbs. 25 lbs of the best toffee you have ever had in your. entire. life. 

So we’re at dinner that night telling this story to a member in our ward, and she says “that stuff sells for like $18 a pound.” You do the math. 

3. On Wednesday we met this guy Chris and started teaching him. We set up a return appointment for the next day. Go back Thursday, put him on date for baptism. So stoked, obvs. Turns out right after we left the 1st ward elders show up to teach him. And they’re claiming him because he’s technically married (but getting divorced! #singlesward) Anyway, we’re still feeling bitter about that, haha. But be proud that we successfully extended the baptismal invite. 

4. I have reached a point where I am feasting on the words of Christ. Seriously, just holding the Book of Mormon is an experience. Everyone, go read it. This is probably (definitely) the most stable, happy, healthy time of my life. 

5. Sister Cope and I are officially awkward. I know I promised all of you that I wouldn’t be an awkward missionary, but it’s happening. Two nights ago we ran into a former investigator and her boyfriend. We introduced ourselves, said hi, and then turned around to leave, at which point Sister Cope and I literally ran into each other. Still can’t get over that. 

Then last night we had dinner at a member’s house. All we could do was laugh afterward. We are so bad at conversation. We decided we need to start role playing normal conversation during companionship study. 

6. Mom, maybe don’t read this one. Just kidding, read it. And everyone else tune in! Last night we had probably the freakiest moment of my entire life. After our meeting with our ward mission leader we were supposed to meet a less active member, so Sister Cope and I stayed in the institute building to wait for her. She didn’t show, so after awhile we decided to leave. So we’re walking out of the building to our car, I’m walking backwards (because we’re talking to each other), when Sister Cope stops dead, says “wait!” and gets this terrified look on her face. So I turn around, and there is this man, dressed in all black, save for a glow in the dark stripe on his jacket, just standing there, staring at us. We literally turned around and ran back into the building. Fortunately it was not locked, and fortunately there was a member in there that was kind enough to calm us down, but holy cow. That image will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. When we finally decided to go out to our car, I took some ironic comfort in the fact that some kids had shown up to smoke some pot in the parking lot. I figured they would be good back up. But anyway we’re ok, so all’s well that ends well! 

Love you all! Sister Joslin

PS Mike the Headless Chicken is a real thing! Fruita is the coolest. And they love dinosaurs. ImageImageImageImageImageImage