Well, the young single adults of Grand Junction, Colorado are in for another 6 weeks of me and Sister Cope. Pray for them. And now we’ll move on to the usual format: a few brief stories followed by a little testifying of truth.
1. We maybe dressed up a little bit on Halloween, which maybe isn’t strictly speaking legal. It was subtle though, and all in good taste. Sister Cope was Snow White and I was Belle. Mine was a little more difficult to identify, so I made sure to carry a copy of the Book of Mormon all day for good measure. I’m including a picture, but we were lame and forgot to take any during the day, so it’s not very good quality. But you’ll get the gist.
2. We worked at the Food Bank last week (where all good things come to pass), and I really bonded with some of the old guys there. They had us unloading a truck full of 500 lbs of baked goods. So I hopped in the back of the truck and started handing stuff to Sis Cope, who was loading up a shopping cart. When the cart was full she took it inside to put it all in the cooler. So then I was just standing in the back of the truck kind of aimlessly, so I started hopping in and out of the truck and loading the next cart myself. At that point, one of the men that was there in need of assistance, Jeff, said “Well why don’t I save you the trouble of hopping in and out of that truck.” So he came over and started helping. Then another man, Christopher, said “Well if he’s helping you then I guess I can too.” So Jeff, Christopher, and I unloaded the truck. It was a joy and a pleasure.
3. We witnessed a hit and run. No injuries, but pretty lame. College kids.
4. Ok so we always walk down this particular street in front of the institute, 12th street. And most days as we’re walking or talking to someone or what have you, people honk, hoot, holler, etc. at us. Aaaand that’s about all I’ve got to say about that.
5. Remember the girl we OYM’d who’s best friend just left on his mission, Kanoe? Well, she came to church yesterday. It was the first time an investigator has come. Not to mention, about 5 less actives, none of whom have showed up in the last 6 weeks, all came this week. And to top it off, the singles ward came through with some of the strongest and most pure testimonies of Christ I have ever heard. It could not have been better. If you were to ask me what I attribute this little miracle to, I would directly attribute it to the mission fast that we all underwent yesterday. We prayed and fasted specifically for the people of Colorado, the members, and the missionaries, and I feel like there is a direct correlation between that fast and our experience at church yesterday.
The important stuff:
1. Heavenly Father is literally your Father. If you haven’t felt that in awhile, go pray. And when you pray, don’t even worry about what to say or what kind of answer you’ll receive. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen a lot of miracles come to pass as a result of prayers said and answered, but one of my favorite miracles takes place during the prayer. When you’re just connecting with God. If you let it, it can almost be a sort of transcendental experience (don’t let that come across as too weird of a statement). But seriously, just go take some time to remember that He is your Father.
2. The Atonement works. Use it. Use it always. Use it for your transgressions, for your sorrows, for your burdens. Whatever it may be, offer it up on the sacrificial alter, and let it go through the power of the Atonement. I promise you, with every ounce of sincerity that I can muster, that Heavenly Father can and will remove your burdens through the power and atoning sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. This week I had something that was really bugging me, and I needed to let it go. So I got out of bed, and asked Heavenly Father for forgiveness for my stubbornness and inability to move on of my own accord, and then I asked Him to remove that burden by the power of the Atonement. Next morning, it felt like a distant memory. Totally taken care of.
And finally:
The other night I had a dream that the nation was under attack. We’re talking streets deserted, alarms sounding, military convoys, the whole nine yards. I think it’s because people keep giving us little snippets about how the government shut down and the world is probably ending, but no one ever actually gives us real information. So. If any of you think I need to be concerned about an impending attack on Grand Junction, be sure to let me know.
Over and out.
Sister Joslin
Our Halloween Costumes
Snow White and Mr. Fox
Family Photo with Carlton and Bon Ton
Sister Joslin Preaches to the Cows
Cow Go Away
Sisters Joslin and Cope
Yes, we matched on purpose. The ward loved it.