First piece of information: Our apartment complex is under construction. Nothing major, they’re just stucco-ing (is that a real verb?) the walls. So we’ve got this construction crew that has been around a lot lately. They are really friendly, and our morning exchange has become a regular thing. “Hola!” “Hello!” 

Second piece of information: One of the wards out here just got a set of sisters. In fact, it’s the ward within whose boundaries we live. So the sisters are now living in the same complex as us. We love having neighbors. 

Story: On Tuesday, before transfer meeting, we went over to the sisters’ new apartment to drop off some housewarming cupcakes. We had a set of keys for their place, because it was our responsibility to help them get all moved in. So we went on over there and let ourselves on in. On our way back to our apartment we realized that we were only carrying one set of keys. Theirs. Not ours. We were locked out of our apartment 30 minutes before we had to arrive at transfer meeting. But guess who was there to save the day. One of our dear friends who was at that very moment stucco-ing the wall. We told him about our situation and he leaped into action. Truth be told, I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with how many ideas he had for breaking into our place. Anyway he ended up getting in through our bedroom window (which makes me especially uncomfortable) and he just clambered through and let us in through the front door. I still have stucco mud on my sheets from where he landed after crawling through the window. 

Next subject: Spiritual Promptings. You know how they say recognizing spiritual promptings is a spiritual gift? Well, I don’t have it. For all have not every gift given unto them. (D&C 46) BUT here’s what I’m learning. Those promptings don’t always, or even usually, inspire action that is out of the ordinary. I think that often we are led by doing the logical, the careful, the kind, the thorough. So don’t wait for impressions to do something crazy or different (though those impressions will come) just do the good things, do the things that make sense, and the Lord will guide and provide. 

Now: Member missionary work. Our ward mission leader and his brother are awesome. First of all, they feed us all the time. Whether it be free Del Taco or fresh elk burgers (hunters), they take care of us. Anyway. For the past few weeks we were planning a ward missionary breakfast at the Bishop’s house, which took place on Saturday. It went incredibly well. We, along with the Elders, talked about our relationship to Christ and our accompanying responsibility to share His Gospel. We challenged everyone that attended to take a Book of Mormon and read it by Christmas, marking it along the way with a particular person in mind, and give the book to that person by the first of the year. 

Now, all you who have ears to hear. Hear. Christ has asked us to feed His sheep, so go and do it. (Short version)

Lighter information: Ken! We finally went to the Hot Tomato in Fruita! It was killer. 

We also went on a hike yesterday. It was perfect.

Anyway. Any day. All is well. 

#Iloveyoualwaysforever #sodoesGod

Sister Joslin