Last week Elder Ballard told us that if we wanted to baptize more people, we would need to talk to more people. So this week we talked to more people. Here are two things that happened: 

1. We sometimes struggle with talking to students on bikes, skateboards, longboards etc. But sometimes we call out to them well in advance and hope that they will stop to talk to us. But other times we don’t give them quite enough advanced notice. And sometimes they hear us, see us, panic, and completely wipe out. That actually only happened once. He was ok, really. 

2. We’re walking down one side of the street, and there is a boy walking on the other side of the street. He’s smallish, wearing sweats, and looks a little nervous. We make eye contact and start heading towards him, at which point he takes off running in the opposite direction. I mean he is sprinting! Just exercising all of his power and might to get away from us. It was hilarious. 

Here’s a piece of news for anyone from Nevada. Or anyone who has driven through Nevada. There is a boy in our ward from Battle Mountain. Really and truly. I really enjoyed finding that out. 

Next. It snowed quite a bit the other night. And it happened to be a night that all three of our evening appointments cancelled on us. So we were out in the snow for a little while, and maybe we got a little soaked to the bone. Picture included. Anyway, all of the missionaries in the area sort of convened at the institute building towards the end of the night, and we ended up having a really great snowball fight. Don’t tell anyone. 

Next next. I want you to know what it’s like serving in a singles ward. We had dinner with a group of ward members last night, and out of the blue one of them says to me: “Sister Joslin, have you practiced the art of osculation?”

But really, I love it. This ward is the coolest. And speaking of! We have a Thanksgiving dinner appointment! We were all set to go to Golden Corral, but one of our recent RM’s found out that neither we nor the Elders had dinner, so he invited us as well as any of our investigators to come to his family’s Thanksgiving. He’s still got the missionary spirit. 

So happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night. I love you all. I’m eternally grateful for your love and support. And just know that you’ve got all my love and support comin back at ya. 

#iloveyoualwaysforever #sodoesGod

Sister Joslin

P.S. We ordered curry from a really good Thai place that one of our less active members works at. It was delicious, and we had leftovers the next day. But we didn’t have leftover rice. But Sister Cope had some instant rice that she was willing to let me use. But I was too impatient, and rather than wait 7 minutes for the rice to cook, I ate curry on a tortilla. Part of me was really excited about it because it actually tasted pretty good, but the other half of me started feeling really nervous for my future family. 
P.P.S. I received a banner full of words of encouragement from the Galena Ward Youth. I loved it! It really made my night. A word to the young and the restless: keep going to youth activities, keep preparing to serve a mission, keep the faith, and if any of you smoke pot then knock it off because it smells gross and it is destroying the fabric of our society. 
Proof that we work hard. Oh and addendum to the walking in the snow story: we actually got sprayed by cars driving through puddles of ice water. Turns out that’s a real thing!