All I really want to tell you about is Thanksgiving, because that’s all that really happened this week. Life slows down a little bit around here when all the students go home for break.

And you know what… I don’t even have that much to say about it. Just that we had a nice pancake breakfast with the 1st and 5th sisters, and then we had a nice dinner with the Melchier family (many thanks), and then we had a nice “Sister thankful fest” with all the sisters in the valley. It was nice.

I should also tell you that good ol’ Grand Junction really comes through on the Christmas lights downtown. And they’ve covered all of their parking meters with bags that say “Free holiday parking. Season’s greetings!” It’s really endearing.

I should also tell you that I can’t really think of anything I’d rather do during the Christmas season than visit people and help them out with whatever we can, be it temporal or spiritual. And that’s reason enough to make me stoked about being on a mission right now. Nobody has a better job than I do.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few stories. Anyone who doesn’t want to know that I’m a little disobedient from time to time, skip this paragraph.

On thanksgiving night Sister Cope and I were in bed, maybe having a little pillow talk, and we were maybe a little agitated about one thing or another. We just couldn’t sleep at all. So midnight rolls around, and we weigh our options, and we decide that between trying to sleep or getting out of bed to eat pie and mashed potatoes, trying to sleep is the inferior option. So we just sat in the dark and ate our feelings, and fell soundly to sleep right after.

Anyone who skipped that paragraph can take up again right here.

On Saturday we were out and about trying to visit some people, and we drove past this little old lady walking home and carrying groceries. We wanted to help her, so we pulled in to the next street, parked, and then started walking towards her. But what do we see next but another car pull up next to her and offer her a ride! It warmed my heart. Ok so we get back in our car and carry on our way, and we pull up to a stop light. There’s a gas station on the corner. So this car is making a left at the stop light, heading to gas station, and his car runs out of gas. So he gets out, starts pushing his car through the intersection, and as we’re about to hop out to help him, men coming running from every direction to help this guy out. It was really encouraging. There are so many good people everywhere you turn.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Onward and upward.


Sister Joslin

The following are proof that I cooked…
Jen cooks on Thanksgiving
Jen cooks 2
Beautiful lights in downtown GJ
downtown GJ Christmas lights
My “Whoville do” which may or may not be on display at the ward Christmas party.
high pony