A few things that happened this week:

1. I got a new companion. Sister Moody. “Mad Eye” for short. 

2. A miracle: Went to Stephanie’s house. She’s on the phone and asks us to come back later. Decide to go to Cammi’s house. We haven’t seen her since the beginning of October, but decide to try anyway. She let’s us right in and says “I knew you were coming. I was on the phone with Stephanie and I knew I needed you, so I knew you would come.” And come, we did. 

3. While OYM’ing downtown: A group of drunk guys comes up to us. One of them is French (so imagine the accent while you read this story) and says “I have a question for you.” I’m fully expecting it to be doctrinal. He says “I’m looking for a place to get together with my brothers.” So I say “Like church??” No. He was looking for a good bar. 

4. The best part of missionary work: loving every single person. It’s really nice. 

And that’s that. Happy Christmas Harry!! Happy Christmas Ron. 

Love always,

Sister Joslin