You know what I love about people from Grand Junction? They really understand desert beauty. Often, when I tell people I’m from Reno, they say “Oh, beautiful country!” And I say “Yes! You get it!” 

You know what I love about people from Fruita? They name their highways things like “Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway.” 
Every day in the Grand Valley is a good day. 
Sometimes things can be unfortunate though. Take, for example, the moment in church yesterday when they announced that Hank has been released as our ward mission leader. You know those moments when your jaw just drops in absolute shock? I haven’t had many of those in my lifetime, but this was definitely one of them. 
Other things of note:
-We had exchanges this week, as well as zone conference. I definitely learned a thing or two. 
-Yesterday we had a long conversation with a man named Gelani in a hallway thick with smoke. He was one of those people who’s brain just connects the dots from one topic of conversation to the next with absolutely no delay. For the first 20 minutes or so Sister Moody and I were just trying to jump in with a note about the Book of Mormon, prophets, etc., but by the last 10 minutes in that smoke infested hallway I thought I was either going to be sick, or just pass out right there on the floor. So finally we just interrupted him, told him to have a good day, and made a mad dash for some fresh air. I don’t know why I told you that. It has no spiritual significance. But it happened. 
-One of our investigators has a Build-a-Bear cat that sings One Direction songs. I think you all know what to get me next Christmas. 
-Sister Murdock, our mission president’s wife, went to Costco and bought us all a bottle of Vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin) so that we wouldn’t get depressed in the bleak midwinter. I’ve been taking it every day, and let me tell you. There is sunshine in my soul. 
Anyway. Any day. I hope you all watched the CES devotional by Elder Tad R. Callister last night. It was outstanding. If you missed it, be sure to look it up. 
I love you. #alwaysforever #sodoesGod
Sister Joslin
For all you Galena folks out there…