If I had to choose two people who were staying in GJ 12th, it would be me and Mad Eye. (And some guy on the street: Sara and Shelley). 

A cool experience: 
We were tracting at the same smoke filled apartments where we met Gilani a couple weeks ago, when this group of people leaves their apartment and we hear one of them say: “Yeah, I was baptized Mormon.” At this point our ears perk up. Our girl has beer in hand and cigarette in mouth, and we’re thinking she’s probably not all that active right now. So I turn on my heels and sort of chase after them and say “Wait, we’re Mormon! Let’s talk about it!” So we strike up a conversation with her and she is visibly moved. We ask if she’d be interested in meeting with missionaries and coming back to church. She says yes, she’s been inactive for years, but found her scriptures the night before and realized she needed to go back, and then there we were one night later. She knew it was a sign from God. 
A cool testimony from a member:
We were meeting with one of our dear friends and talking about the sacrament. She was baptized at age 8, but her family was not very active, so she didn’t begin attending church until later in life. She expressed to us that at one point she was a little unhappy with her mom for having her baptized at 8, because she was accountable for all those decisions during her formative years that weren’t in harmony with Christ’s teachings. After stewing on this for awhile, she came to the realization that she could be washed clean through the sacrament. That every week she was renewing her baptismal covenants, and had the chance to overcome her past and start fresh. I really liked that perspective. 
A cool fact:
We ate beef tongue tacos the other night. Many thanks to Brayden Gardner for sharing his Alaskan ways. And many thanks to the Gardner family as a whole, for always taking care of us. 
A cool life principle:
At ward prayer last night the person who gave the spiritual thought shared with all of us her struggle staying close to God and in tune with the Spirit. It was touching. Mostly because, who here hasn’t been there? Even when we’re doing the things we’re supposed to be doing – reading, praying, attending Church, serving others – sometimes we just slip out of the spiritual frame of mind. It happens gradually, and it happens to all of us. But the truth is, we never walk alone #presidentMonson. Heavenly Father is always there, and always ready to welcome us back when we realize that we have become spiritually distant. So check your hearts, and if you need a little help feeling close to God, ask God for help. 
#iloveyoualwaysforever #sodoesGod
Sister Joslin