Fact: This transfer was divinely inspired.
I am so, so happy. My comp, Sister Allen, is unreal. Everything is beautiful here.
Some neat things that are happening:
1. I live right next to Columbine high school. We’re going to the memorial later today.
2. I no longer have to shower with flip flops.
3. We live with the kindest soul, Sister Carpenter. She made us waffles for lunch yesterday.
4. We visit this lady, Ann Kern, on the daily. My first night, she gave me a hug and said, “I love you. I love Jesus. Welcome home.”
5. I’m pretty sure my area goes the farthest into metro Denver of any areas in my mission.
PS Here’s my address:
6627 S Newland Cir
Littleton, CO 80123
I just spent a long time doing some sleuthing on lds maps to find that address.
Finally, I want you all to know, that I am going to see Sister Rodriguez in exactly 1 hour and 28 minutes from time of writing.
I’m just happy. Blessings from on high.
I love you. #alwaysforever #sodoesGod
Sister Joslin
The following are pics from Grand Junction with some of the most awesome people ever! And an awesome dog!