This week I remembered my journal. A few things that happened:

-We left Lynn with a reading assignment. She forgot what it was, but felt like she should read Alma 32. It changed her life. 
-Went to the temple. Been a while, crocodile. 
-Had dinner at a place called “3 Margaritas,” where they have a live mariachi band on Wednesday. It was amazing. 
Mostly what I want you all to know though is that I’m in the best area in the world, with the world’s best companion. Life is good. 
Also, there is a man in our ward named Brother Dunn who served in this mission, and was companions with Brother Murphy. So if someone wants to spread that message to the Murphy’s, tell them that Bro Dunn says hello. 
Also also, there is this amazing family called the Grovers. They aren’t in our ward, but they referred us to someone who lives in our boundaries, so we’ve taught at their house a couple of times. Anyway, Bro Grover, Steve, roomed with Gerry Hansen at Northwestern. So they also say hello. 
And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. 
See you on the otherside.
And Here’s a little something extra from Jen’s companion, Sister Allen:

Sister Joslin and I love each other and love life. 
We taught so many new people this week and we have seen absolute miracles with our investigators the past few days. Ones that have closed off their hearts entirely, I’ve seen changed. 

With our (eternal) investigator Lynne, we assigned her Alma 11-12 to read after discussing the Plan of Salvation, which she was completely obstinate about. She ended up forgetting what we assigned her, and Alma 32-33 is what came to her memory. So she read that and experienced a total change of heart. She talked about this weird feeling that came over her. She said she really loved that feeling. She described the chapters in complete detail, and talked about how she related, and what she knew God was trying to tell her. She changes more every day. 
We met a woman named Sarah. After teaching her the Restoration, you could see her eyes light up so much as we were talking. Her countenance had such a bright glow. She was completely entranced, and the spirit was strong. She was so happy to get the Book of Mormon, and to read it. 
We also taught a high schooler named Jackie, who was equally excited. After Sister Joslin recited the first vision, she looked like she was in complete awe. She’s excited to read the Book of Mormon as well.
Sisters Allen and Joslin