This week a miracle occurred. We were going to visit a member of our ward, so we typed in their address on our navigator, arrived at their home, and knocked on the door. The door was answered, not by the member that we were looking for, but by a sweet old lady named Bonnie. We said “sorry, we must have the wrong house,” and she said “no you don’t, I want you to come in!”

We told her that we had an appointment, but that we would come back an hour later. Come back we did, and we had an excellent conversation. Bonnie is 91, living on her own, and estranged from her family. She has been having a rough go of things, and has even considered taking her own life. She prays every night for Heavenly Father to help her and lift her burdens. We talked about the guidance of the Spirit and the many ways that Heavenly Father answers prayers, and she said she truly believes that God sent us to her. She also believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that Jesus Christ visited His people in the Americas. After a joyous hour spent together, we set up a return appointment for two days later. 

The time of our return appointment came and we had another powerful discussion. At the conclusion, we asked if she was busy that night. She was not, so we invited her to attend the broadcast of the General Women’s Meeting. She readily agreed, and we arranged for Sister Carpenter, the member with whom we live, to give Bonnie a ride. Bonnie and Sister Carpenter had a great time together, and Bonnie was visibly moved by the words spoken at the broadcast. 

Other neat things about Bonnie:
-She paints, and each of her paintings belongs in the celestial kingdom.
-She travels. Scotland, England, Jerusalem, Egypt – you name it. 
-She played basketball in high school. Back when it was half court for girls. 
-She sings like an angel and, like me, enjoys experimenting with the alto and tenor parts. 
I love, love, love this woman. 
Finally, an inspiring story that will warm your heart. 
Yesterday Carol (recent convert) bore her testimony during church. It was excellent, as were the rest of the testimonies borne by our sweet ward members. As Carol returned to her pew, she had to scoot past three kids on the end of the row. One of them, a boy of about 11 years, had a whole host of those rubber band bracelets on his arm. You know, the colorful ones that kids can make in a heartbeat. As Carol passes the boy she gestures to his bracelets and says “Them are nice.” He thanks her, she sits down, the meeting goes on. About 10 minutes later, the boy gets up and hands Carol a bracelet that he had just made! I watched him make it! It was amazing and completely inspiring. 
The future is bright. Life is good. 
Love you all. #alwaysforever #sodoesGod
Sister Joslin
At Red Rocks!