Last night we had an authentic Japanese meal with authentic Japanese attire and authentic Japanese dishware and an authentic Japanese friend. When Sis Carpenter and her husband served as missionaries in Hawaii, they met Sayuri, a student at the time. Later, when they served as missionaries in New York, Sayuri was there serving her mission as well. When Sis Carpenter and her husband returned to Hawaii to fill a teaching position at BYU-H, Sayuri was back at school. Now Sayuri and Sis Carpenter are life long friends, so Sayuri came to visit. Sister Carpenter happened to live in Japan for three months while her husband was teaching at a university there, so she had all the right clothing, all the right decorations, and all the right dishes and utensils. I loved it. 

Question: Have you ever helped a hoarder move out of their house? 
Don’t do it. 
Next question: Have you ever considered adopting a minimalist lifestyle? 
Do it. 
To paraphrase Sara Cook (inspirational friend of the year award, 2014), it isn’t about depriving yourself of things, it’s about living intentionally. That’s the goal, folks. Intentional living. 
A quick story to close: 
While meeting with a sweet old guy named Carey, we were discussing his smoking habits and encouraging him to quit. He said, “Do 15 curls with that dumbbell and I’ll quit.” So I did. So he said, “Ok, I’ll start wearing the patches.” Maybe I don’t believe anything Carey says, but it still felt like a small victory. 
“I guess that’s all for now. If you want to know what it’s like being in a trio… it’s sufficient for me to say that I’m totally over it.” – Sara Jane Plater. And me. 

Much love! 
Sister Joslin