Miracles, miracles, everywhere.

1. We set a goal of two baptisms for this transfer. Jonathan Perez got baptized on Saturday (coolest kid, best family). Later that day we got a call from our mission president’s wife informing us that we have a referral from the Denver north mission. They didn’t realize he lived here so they put him on date and were planning for his baptism next weekend, but it turns out he lives in our ward. So. Also, we get to go to Denver north to make the transition tomorrow. 
2. Three months ago sister Allen and I set a goal to build up our teaching pool in Littleton. At the time all of our investigators were in south Denver. We’ve been finding every day, putting in a lot of effort. Now we have 4 progressing investigators in Littleton and a few more promising potentials. We feel blessed. 
3. I had lunch with Lindsay Meidell this week. Why am I the most fortunate person on the planet?
4. Got to help Dillon mercer with his eagle project this weekend. We cleaned up the Dave sanders memorial at columbine high school. 
5. We just dropped off sweet sister jones at the airport. She served valiantly and feels peaceful about her decision to go home.
6. I’m getting my ears pierced today. It’s time.

7. Scariest story of my life. It’s Wednesday morning and we’re out tracting when we hear incredibly loud sirens. We’re slightly concerned, but wait patiently for the sound of the sirens to abate. But they don’t. They just sort of circle around us, and we begin to realize that these aren’t normal sirens,. They sound like bomb sirens. Then a voice comes over unseen loudspeakers and announces, “This is an emergency. Get inside now.” So we sprint to the car and start speeding home, turn on the car radio frantically listening for news (don’t judge), and leave the windows down listening for more information from the loudspeakers projecting throughout the city. Finally the voice comes back on and says “this has been a test of these emergency alert system.” I was peeved. 

And that’s about all I’ve got to say about that. 
Much love.
Sister Joslin