Here’s to a 4th transfer in Clement Park with S. Allen. Not sure what I did in the pre-existence to deserve such bounteous blessings.

And now, a parable on sarcasm and avoiding the appearance of evil.
There was a certain sister missionary, serving in the Colorado Denver South Mission. While enjoying a training given by her DL, she offered input about reasons that it’s difficult to be diligent. Saying, “Sometimes things just get a little monotonous and all you can do is go catch a movie.” And it came to pass that a few too many Elders began believing that the sisters were diso.
All ye that have ears to hear, let him hear.
Sometimes I just can’t reign in the sarcasm, and sometimes it gets me in trouble.
Other than that, I’ve reached my halfway mark. I love missionary work. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing. Sometimes I think I’d like to be at Lake Tahoe, but then I realize I don’t even like boating. Just kidding. But really, this is the best thing in the world, you should all try it.
Oh, and yesterday S. Allen and I, along with our good Bishop, got a chance via fast and testimony meeting to gently encourage the ward to do more missionary work. Bishop told the ward he’s a little disappointed that all of our investigators have come from tracting. Then we each said something along the lines of:
“Faith without works is dead, but works without faith is dead too. Have a little faith and invite your friends to meet with us. We’re going to come teach your families at 8 pm every night. Have a nonmember there for us. God is a God of miracles. Believe in that, and make it happen.”
I paraphrased a little. But I think you all get the gist. And now, two action items for you all:
1. Go tell a friend that you’re having the missionaries over at 8 pm at your home so that they can practice teaching. Invite your friend to hear what they have to say, give constructive criticism to help them be better teachers, and enjoy dessert with you and your family. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment, it’s just a good experience for everyone involved.
2. Write to me and tell me how it goes.
Love you.
Sister Joslin