Thanks everyone for your prayers. Keep em’ coming because they seem to be working. Case in point:

On Saturday afternoon Sister Allen and I were driving to see an investigator. We were in the far right lane, heading in to the turn lane to get on to a major street. I’m sure you’ve all been in a position where you need to get in the turn lane so you sort of frantically change lanes until you get there. Well, that seemed to be the case for the car directly to the left of us, as the driver very suddenly merged into our lane without seeing us. All I heard was Sister Allen say, “Oh no,” before that car had run right into us. It would have been nice if it had all ended there, but it didn’t. Instead, we popped up over the curb and ran headlong into a tree. I honestly thought I was going to die, or at least be seriously injured. After the impact Sister Allen and I assessed our injuries, realized we were all right, and got out of the car. We ran over to the other party, where the driver was absolutely in hysterics. So we comforted her. Then the police, and the firefighters, and the ambulances came. Then Sister Allen and I got to ride in the ambulance to the hospital. We’re both fine though. Sister Allen just has some bruising in the chest wall, and I got a pretty good seat belt burn (safety first). 
And now I want to talk about all of the good people that we’ve encountered since that moment. 
-Craig, the first guy to come over and make sure we were all right. Such a calm presence. 
-Angela and her daughter Sierra, the people driving behind us who pulled over to check on us and give a statement to the police. Angela helped me find the vin number while I was filling out the police report. Poor Sierra is just learning how to drive.
-All of the paramedics. Not only were they so helpful, they were downright good looking. That’s not appropriate though, I’m a missionary, so just pretend I didn’t say that. 
-Sister Carpenter, who came to pick us up and waited with us at the hospital. 
-Sister Carpenter’s daughter, Kerri, who brought us chocolate shakes. 
-Everyone in our ward, who gave us so much love yesterday. 
-Brother Nielson, from the ward, who brought us care packages yesterday complete with Holy Bible crossword puzzles and chocolate milk.
-Sister Carpenter’s daughter, Michelle, who fed us dinner last night.
-The Mercers (family of the year), who played telestrations with us last night.  
Anyway, Heavenly Father was definitely watching over us. 
We also did some missionary work this week I think, and that was good too. 
Love you all! 
Sister Joslin