I have a new companion. Sister Caisey. From Bermuda. Our text tag is “<*BiggJos$LilKZ*>, which should tell you all you need to know about our relationship. 

Here’s something spiritual for you:
Our investigator, James, is the most incredible person I have ever met. He wants nothing more than to be baptized, but he’s on probation for a misdemeanor, so his baptism had been postponed indefinitely. Well, during weekly planning Sister Caisey and I decided to set a goal in faith for his baptism. We prayed about it, and chose August 16th. When we told James the plan he was overjoyed. He said he felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his chest. We then invited him, along with several members of the ward, to join us in a fast yesterday so that James could achieve his date. After that we called President Murdock and told him the plan. He advised us to have James write a letter to the First Presidency. If all goes well we should hear back from the First Presidency in time for his baptism. We know we’ll see a miracle. We also know there is strength in numbers, so if you all want to pray for James to be baptized on the 16th, that would be a really blessing. 
This is also decently spiritual: 
We’ve been doing a lot of finding, and we’ve been finding a lot of hateful people. A couple of them have been a little vitriolic towards my companion, bringing skin color into the conversation. Last night after speaking with one of these individuals, we went on to the next house and rang the doorbell. The man who answered the door could tell something was wrong, so he said “What’s the matter? What can I do to help? Can I pray for you right now?” Then he looked at our tags and said, “Oh good, you already know Jesus.” He then proceeded to offer a powerful prayer of comfort and protection in the name of Jesus Christ. There are a lot of good people out there. 
Love you all. 
Sister Joslin