Well, I’ve been riding the struggle bus for a little minute, but here’s what I’ve learned from it. 

1. Stay in the present moment. If your mind goes somewhere you don’t want it to go, then acknowledge that it’s happening and do something to counter it. The senses are key. Sight, smell, sound, touch – they all bring you back to the present moment. If you, like me, struggle with this, try buying some play-doh. Nothing brings you back like rolling a ball of play-doh. 
2. God has a plan for you. He’s not going to leave you alone in the midst of trial. He’ll place certain people in your path that know exactly how to succor you. 
3. The Church is still true, even if life is tough and your future is unsure. Don’t doubt what you know. 
And those are three things of value that I have to contribute right now. I’ll let you know if anything more crops up along the way. 
And Lupita is getting baptized next Saturday. Miracles happen (once in awhile). 
Love you all #alwaysforever #sodoesGod
Sister Joslin