Little hey little ho,

Status report: I’m outie 3,000. So i’m packing my bags today and heading into the great unknown. I’ll let you all know next week where I end up. 
And here’s the report on Lupita’s baptism:
Incredible. Absolutely the most powerful thing I’ve ever been a part of. Despite the overflowing font, the frigid water, and the three attempts at full immersion. Both of our speakers felt inspired to give a portion of their talks in Spanish, and Lupita was just a ball of emotion. It was beautiful. And shoot, you should have seen how happy Lupita was when we told her that her deceased family members have been learning about the Gospel, and that she can do proxy baptisms for them. What a bunch of blessings. 
Last night we had a fireside featuring Brother Matt Ballard doing his incredibly accurate portrayal of Joseph Smith. The Spirit was thick. And I got to say a few fond farewells to the ward members. Pictures included. 
Wellp, onward and upward. 
Sister Joslin