As a carry over from last week, here are a few more quotes for your entertainment:

From a little boy we met: “I want to do all the jobs. Except the Mexican ones, because I’m not Mexican.”
From a completely unrelated little boy we met: “I want to be everything when I grow up. Except a coal-man. That’s dirty work.”
I don’t know why everyone in this area is so quotable.
And here’s a little miracle for ya:
We were walking in the snow last week (yeah, you read that right- it snowed) and we stopped to talk to this man named Boyd. We asked if he’d heard of the Mormons, he said “Yeah, but nothing good.” We kept talking, cleared up some misconceptions, and piqued his interest. We taught him at a Taco Bell two days later, and yesterday he came to church. During Sunday School he said, “This is the best church I’ve ever been to. It just feels right. It even smells right!” I can’t entirely vouch for him on that one, because in that moment I was getting some serious whiffs of B-O from a nearby gentleman, but I’m glad Boyd didn’t seem to notice.
Last night we had a member of the Quorum of the Seventy come to speak to us. Elder Lawrence and his good wife, Sister Lawrence. Elder Lawrence threw down on the elders and told them to stop playing board games, but Sister Lawrence gave the single most incredible and enlightening talk I have ever heard. Ever. I’m not kidding. I learned SO much!
Ok, for all of you who aren’t members of the church and don’t necessarily care to read about deep doctrine, go ahead and skip this part. For the rest of you, here’s what I learned. Remember how we’ve all been taught growing up that for all of us English, Scottish, German, etc. folks, we have been adopted into a tribe of Israel? Well, we’ve been taught wrong. Get this, it’s completely literal. We are very literal descendants of the House of Israel. If our patriarchal blessings say we’re from a tribe, then we’re really from that tribe! Maybe the rest of you knew this, but all of us missionaries were completely shocked. The whole adopted thing is totally false doctrine! So remember when the House of Israel was scattered? Well that’s why all of us all over the world have a little bit of their blood in us. But there are still lots of people who don’t have any blood from the House of Israel. If so, your blessing will tell you that you’ll receive your blessings through Abraham. It won’t even assign you a tribe. So we learned lots more about how this affects our responsibilities as missionaries to gather Israel (literally! I seriously thought we’ve been talking symbolism this whole time) and how the Abrahamic Covenant applies to us. Completely mind blowing. Let me just say this one more time. It’s all literal! I’m dying. This is so exciting. If you want to know more of what she said, email me. I’ll send you a copy of my notes. Not that you’d be able to read them…
And now, for the best news of all. Me and Sister Allen are on exchanges today, and we’re about to go to lunch with Sister Carpenter!!!!!! Our dear, sweet, Mama Carp.  So I’m outie 3,000.
Love love love,
Sis Jos