Oh hey hi,

(This is how one of our members always answers the phone)
Soooo I’m kind of scatterbrained today…. Let me try to think of the things I meant to write home about….
1. I ate cactus. And it’s good!
2. I want kids. What? You can all thank the Sardakowskis for that one.
3. Another quote for you: “You two look smashing today! What’s different?” – Ward Mission Leader
Oh, the other reason I want kids now: We helped out at an activity days event in Highlands Ranch for 8-11 year old girls. It was a Wizard of Oz theme, and they had different activities and workshops. It was a great activity. But here’s the kicker. Turns out I love 8-11 year old girls! Who knew?
Love you bye,
Sis Jos