Little Hey Little Ho,

Another week gone by. Here’s the most important thing that happened:
We went over to the Orchard Sisters house on Friday to weekly plan with them. Beautiful home. I mean really, really beautiful. They start showing us around and talking about how great their members are – the Corkins. Then we pass a picture and I almost fall on the floor, because who should be staring back at me but Averill Corkin, from my Cambridge study abroad. So someone go get Averill on the line and tell her that I am in love with the water station in her house, that her dog Wellington is my favorite creature (second only to Hershey), and that I’m spending the night at her house tonight.
But here’s the real most important thing that happened this week:
General Women’s Meeting. Remember when Sister Marriott talked about her “utter need for a Redeemer?” Well, I second that. Don’t we all. Just remember, repentance is a blessing, and it is absolutely liberating. So just don’t procrastinate the day of your repentance, okay?
Transfers are coming up next week. So we’ll get calls this weekend. Everyone pray for the best. Who knows what the best is, but pray for it.
Oh, here’s a fun coincidence:
In Clement Park I was teaching a cute, cute boy named Ryan. Love him, love his family. He was 9, and preparing for baptism.
Then I got transferred.
Here in Cornerstone Park we are teaching a boy named Levi. Also 9, and preparing for baptism. Well, it turns out Levi and Ryan are cousins! So we all got really excited and Ryan’s mom got in touch and invited me to his baptism, so we got to go on Saturday! And Levi will be baptized in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see them all again.
Also, I’m including a picture of me and Sister Allen holding Corgis. (Favorite) But anyway, you may recall that our first picture together on the mission was us in a pet store holding puppies. I think it’s fitting that our last picture on the mission was us in a pet store holding puppies.
That’s all. Love you all. #alwaysforever #sodoesGod
Sister Joslin