So flash back to last Monday night. We’re at the Sardakowski’s, and Elizabeth (8) says “I hope you get a companion who knows how to have some fun.” I said, “I hope so too, will you pray for that?” She said, “Yes! I’ll go write that down so I remember to pray for that tonight.”
Now it’s Tuesday morning. We’re sitting in transfer meeting, and they start announcing the new companionships. They go through all the western slope transfers (Grand Junction area) and I notice Sister Rodriguez isn’t on that side. They start with the metro side transfers, and my anticipation starts to build. Highlands Ranch, Golden, Columbine, and Lakewood zones all come and go. Finally they get to the Littleton zone (home base). I just wish you could have been there to experience the pure exultation when the APs announced that I would be serving with Sister Rodriguez. There are literally no words to express.
Since then life has been a dream. I wrote down a bunch of things that I wanted to write about it, but I’m really hungry and want to go get lunch. So suffice it to say: Happiness is serving with Sister Rodriguez in the Cornerstone Park ward.
I will say though, the ward is in love. Everyone thinks it is so cute. Which it is. Also we matched yesterday at church, and it was a big hit.
Peace and blessings,
Sister Joslin
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