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Ok, I decided to write my blog email before reading anything else in an effort to stay focused and actually write something. So here goes!

My life with Sister Rodriguez is perfect. Our days consist of beautiful weather, falling leaves, golden investigators, good music, referrals out the wazoo, matching outfits, dark chocolate cookie butter cups from Trader Joes (go buy some right now), and lots of lovin from ward members. Life could not get any better.
For some reason though we keep forgetting to take pictures…. but don’t worry, we’ve set goals and made plans to work on it.
Oh, here’s a big announcement: WE MOVED TO THE SABEYS!!!!!!! I love love love this family more than anything. And I love love love their house. It is so well-lit! And remember how I have a phobia of dimly lit places? Well, let’s just say we have emerged from the darkness and have seen the light. Here’s our addy: 
6132 S Marion Way
Centennial, Colorado 80121
Also, Levi got baptized this weekend. He is a cute kid. And he made a covenant with God, so things are going really well for him. 
Hey, did you all see Meet the Mormons? It’s incredible. But for some reason we’ve met some members who have been skeptical and haven’t wanted to spend their money on it. If you fit in that category, stop it (Unless you legitimately can’t afford it. Live within your means). But if you can, go see it, and take your neighbors. 
I think that’s about it. Oh except that I want to tell you what our voicemail message is:
“Hi, you’ve reached the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving you here in the Cornerstone Park ward, the biggest little ward in the Littleton stake….” Just a little shout out to the Biggest Little City for ya.
Love you all,
Sister Joslin