This week we got our hair done.

We had an investigator do it for us. It wasn’t particularly satisfactory, she charged us an arm and a leg, and she dropped us while she was shampooing my hair. I’ve had better days.

This weekend we had transfer calls.

By Saturday evening we had heard from our district and zone leaders that we were staying together. Feeling confident, we went to our dinner and ate way too much. (You don’t understand – they gave us key lime pie for dessert). One hour later we left our dinner appointment, checked our phone, and found two missed calls from President Murdock. We called him back, and the conversation went a little something like this:

Pres.: “Well, Sisters, all good things must come to an end.”
Us: “Wait, President, I thought we were staying together.”
Pres.: “So did I, until I received other inspiration. I need you both to serve in another capacity.”

By this time tears are welling up in our eyes and we’re starting to feel completely cheated. 6 weeks was just not long enough.

Pres.: “So do you want your transfer news now or another time?”
Us: “We’ll take it now.”

He then asked us to serve as STL’s.

Us: “So does that mean we get to stay together?”
Pres.: “Yes.”

It’s true. We get to stay together. Everyone just likes to mess with us. But this means we’ll be together at least through December 30. Christmas cards, here we come.

Other than that, it’s winter time and the livin is easy.
People are coming to church, we live with the best family in the world, the snow is beautiful. Life couldn’t get better than this.

Much love,

Sis Jos