7 things I am grateful for:

1. My companion. Can we all just take a second to remember how exciting it was when Sister Rod and I became companions? 7 weeks later and every day is still a blessing.
2. The Sabeys, who let us eat their chips and salsa. And live in their incredible basement. And be a part of their family.
3. Decorating the Christmas tree with Lynn, Rylee, and Kenna (and Maddy the dog). I just wish that you knew these people, because they are beautiful to the core.
4. The Rocky Mountains. Turns out road trips through the Rockies at 6 in the morning make for stunning views.
5. The Gospel. Duh.
6. A family that loved, supported, and nurtured me. And never said things like, “Women should raise their kids, and then if they want to be a nurse they can.” Or things like, “So, what did you do before your mission? Beauty school?”
7. People from Reno. Like Janelle Marshall. And our new zone leader, Elder Martinez. #getinthezone #renozone
Things are good.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
Love always,
Sister Joslin
3 at church 4 in parking lot