This week was full of so much thanks and so much giving. Shout out to the Lyons for feeding us Thanksgiving dinner. If you want to meet 20 some odd people that will change your life, meet the Lyons. And get this, they have a daughter named Jen and a granddaughter named Jocelyn. Don’t worry, I’m including a Jen, Jen Joslin, Jocelyn picture.

So does anyone remember how last Thanksgiving Sister Cope and I just had the worst night? Okay, I just looked back at that blog entry and this is all I said:

“On thanksgiving night Sister Cope and I were in bed, maybe having a little pillow talk, and we were maybe a little agitated about one thing or another. We just couldn’t sleep at all. So midnight rolls around, and we weigh our options, and we decide that between trying to sleep or getting out of bed to eat pie and mashed potatoes, trying to sleep is the inferior option. So we just sat in the dark and ate our feelings, and fell soundly to sleep right after.”

So long story short, the Elders were being punks, and we got in a fight for like two weeks. Ever since it’s been a big joke that they ruined our Thanksgiving. Well, this Thanksgiving what should I find on my doorstep but a pumpkin pie with a note that says “We hope this Thanksgiving is better than the last one – Elder Jessee and Elder Rollins.” It was just the kindest gesture and really set the tone for the day.
Now listen to this story about our investigator, Boyd. We were teaching him at a members’ house and had a really great lesson. At the end, we were giving him some chapters from the Book of Mormon to read. Alma 40-42. As I opened up to the chapters to show him where he would be reading, he exclaimed “Oh, I know Alma! I love that Ammon guy! He takes care of business!” So true, Boyd. So true.
And that’s about all I’ve got to say about that.
One love.
Sister Joslin
I Heart You breakfast
Hawaiin shirt
Jocelyn, Jen Joslin, Jen…
Joselyn, Jen Joslin, Jen
Thanks Lyon family for letting me uphold the tradition!

Thanks Lyon family for giving me letting me uphold the tradition!