There are mostly only two things that I want to say about this week:

1. We did a trillion mini exchanges. E’erybody is sick this week, so we did little splits so that lessons could still be taught. The show must go on. It was kinda fun though, we got to go gallivanting all over Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Golden.

2. Shout out to Tammy Anderson, angel among women. Sister Rod and I were downstairs doing weekly planning, when Sister Sabey came down and said we had a huge package on the doorstep! We eagerly ran to the foot of the stairs to see our spoils. It really was a huge bag full of Christmas joy! From none other than Tammy Anderson, who’s dad is my Grandma Bonnie’s cousin. Did I get that right? Well, I have to tell you, there is nothing like a little lovin from the extended family tree. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Other than that, I took a picture with a Portola sign and I felt right at home.
Other than that, the gators are good and the church is true.

One love,

Sister Joslin