This Saturday we had a contender for the best moment of my entire life.
The setting: Ward Christmas Breakfast.
The players: Janelle Marshall, her angelic mother, and our dear families back home.
The scenario: Breakfast had just wrapped up; the kids had completed the nativity; and it was time to meet Santa. Sis Rod and I were just going to get some OJ, when Janelle came up to us and said, “You have to get a picture with Santa!” So she took our cameras and encouraged us to go join the kiddos in line.
As we approached Santa Claus (Brother Merrill), I noticed a couple of presents behind his chair, including a stocking that looked a lot like my own. Sister Rod and I joked that it must have been Brother Merrill that broke into the mission office and stole all of the missionaries’ Christmas presents (because that really happened). But really we just figured they were a couple of props.
Finally, our turn came to take a picture with Santa. We saw Janelle standing front and center, smiling and waving and ready with camera in hand. We knelt down and smiled, and were a little confused when Brother Whetton got on stage
and in our picture. Before we knew it, he was handing us the presents from behind Santa’s chair. Turns out, it really was my stocking.
I have literally never felt more surprised and more loved.
Here’s how it happened: Janelle’s mom still lives in Reno, but came out to Denver for a baptism. Before she left, she got in touch with our moms, and offered to bring a couple of surprises for us.
There are so many good people in the world. I just happen to have a disproportionate percentage of them in my life.
Love you all. Happy Christmas.
Sis Jos
Santa surprise…
with Santasurprise gifts
Christmas card photo shoot…
PJ's 3
PJ's 4
 Merry Christmas Everyone!