The two funniest people I have ever seen live: Jerry Seinfeld (we saw him, right Ma? I’m not making that up?), and David A. Bednar, Apostle of the Lord. I am not kidding. That man had me in stitches. Elder Bednar stopped off in Denver to instruct the DenCoSo and DenCoNo missions. He was engaging, inspiring, instructive – everything you’d hope for in a General Authority.

Also, here’s a piece of big news. We got to see J.R.!!!!!! We couldn’t stop talking about it, for days leading up to the event. We got a picture, but I look gross. But you can see it, I guess.

Here’s the other really positive thing that happened to me this week: Sister Caisey’s companion went home for medical reasons (not positive), so we got to kick it in a trio for a few days (positive), and I got to go to Clement Park for church yesterday (extremely positive)!!!! I love love love love love that place with my whole heart and soul. Literally every single person in that ward is a saint, ready to be translated.

Life is good. I’m still serving with Sister Rod, we have still matched every single Sunday for three transfers, people still think it’s cool. And that’s what really matters to me.


Sister Joslin