Yesterday was the best-worst day of my mission/ life.

I’ll just kind of gloss over the worst part.
Loooong story short, someone in our ward said some really mean things about us and to us. We had a conversation in the hallway at church yesterday that just ended terribly. I think I’m in danger of some ptsd. I’m just kidding. Well, sort of. But it was bad, and as soon as I walked away from him I just started sobbing. So Sister Rod and I spent the next two hours hysterically crying.
And now, I’m going to dig really deep into the best part. So buckle up.
This one goes out to the Strattons, the Sabeys, Kristin and Justin Marshall, Janelle and Matt Marshall, the Wynders, the Sigafi, Sister Hicks, Sister Justus, Sister Hover, Sister Hopkins, Sister Formisano, Brother Engle, and Bishop Snow. All of whom played a role in mending my broken heart and confirming my testimony of the Gospel.
I’ll use a numbered list to illustrate how all of the following people helped us out.
1. After the incident, we decided to go into Sister Sabey’s Sunday School class, which is all about handling stress. We walked in and were an absolute mess. Sister Sabey gave us a big hug, and Sister Stratton and Sister Hicks just held us in their arms and gave us tissues. Sister Justus gave us big hugs at the end of class and said the kindest things.
2. After class, Sister Sabey took us outside to talk about what had happened. While she was offering condolences, Kristin Marshall walked out of the building, surrounded by a halo of angelic light. She had heard the whole conversation in the hallway and had been looking for us to console us. Then Sister Sabey and Sister Marshall just took a walk with us around the building.
3. We finally went into relief society, where Sister Hover, Sister Hopkins, and Sister Formisano gave us hugs and expressed indignation on our behalf.
4. After church we went home, where the Sabeys fed us a delicious lunch and told us endearing stories about their family.
5. Then we went to Janelle and Matt Marshall’s house. She fed us cookies, he told us how annoyed he was about what happened, and their kids gave us the best hugs in the world. Then we just sat outside for awhile while their kids played and soaked up the sunshine.
6. Next we went to the Wynders, where she cried in our behalf, he told us to disregard everything the man had said to us, and then we all laughed hysterically about completely inappropriate things.
7. After the Wynders we had dinner with Kristin and Justin Marshall, our knights in shining armor. They weren’t signed up to feed us, but on Saturday, Justin woke up and knew we’d need them on Sunday, so they had plenty of food for us, and were ready for us to come. They fed us a delicious dinner, their cute girls gave us hugs, and they offered the perfect advice.
8. While we were at the Marshalls, Brother Stratton called. He told us that he had informed the bishop and high council about what had happened, and a member of the high council, Brother Engle, had gone over to this man’s house and asked him to apologize to us. Brother Stratton coached us through the whole situation, and gave us the most fatherly advice.
9. So the guy called to apologize, and while we were on the phone, Kristin Marshall was sitting next to us, ready to coach us on things to say.
10. We rounded off the night at the Sigafi, who offered us chocolate cake that we just couldn’t eat (we’d spent most of the day eating our feelings), and offered us true love and friendship.
So if you had asked me at about 11 am on Sunday, I would have told you it was the worst day of my mission. But if you had followed up with me at 9 pm, I would have told you it was the best day. The essence of the Gospel is love. Ask anyone. Ask Thomas S. Monson. Ask me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so loved as I did yesterday. Heavenly Father knew we were going to be hit with some opposition, but he gave us the most beautiful people to help us through. He also inspired the bishopric to assign all of our sacrament speakers the topic of forgiveness yesterday. He just knew, ya know?
As another point of interest, I have never wanted to be married with kids as much as I did yesterday. All of those families just made up the perfect blend of love, and I just want to be and have a source of love like that someday. So, maybe my time will come.
And that’s (finally) all I’ve got to say about that.
I love you #alwaysforever #sodoesGod
Sister Joslin