If there is one thing that my mission has made me love, it’s families. And kids. Especially when kids say funny things. Like when we were teaching 9-year-old Kodyn about the Priesthood. BroStratt said, “Kodyn, when a policeman pulls you over, who gives them the authority to do that?” Kodyn replied, “The Devil.” He’s probably right. This is even more appropriate because the mission office just called me like, 10 minutes ago, and told me I got a ticket. (Because they’re too cowardly to pull you over in Littelton, so they just take pictures of you and send you a bill in the mail). Anyway, sorry Mom. It was the Devil.
But seriously, families, friends, that’s what it’s all about. Life is all about human relationships. The Gospel is all about love! One of our friends here was talking about a quote that he saw once that said something along the lines of “My heart has been collecting friends for years. I’ve been keeping them close, and they keep me safe.” I think I butchered that, but you get the idea. And that’s how I feel! Everyone here in Denver, all my homies in Grand Junction, everyone back home, all of you! I just love everybody!
I love serving with my best friend! Sister Rod and I laugh more than I ever have in my life. We’re just happy, and we just laugh, and it feels so good. We laugh with each other, we laugh with our hilarious friends in the Cornerstone Park ward, we laugh with the people we teach. I love it.
Last Monday was one of the most light-hearted days of my life. We went on a walk along the canal, played in the Sabey’s backyard – including building a fire in their fire pit and jumping on the tramp. I did one of those things where you land on your knees and then do a little front-flip, which I know isn’t all that impressive but it was a big step for me! Conquering fears here.
Anyway, this has been a jumbled mess. I guess the point I’m trying to make is, hold your people close, because they matter the most. I love my people. I love you all. I’ll see you in like, two minutes.
Sister Joslin
with the Marshalls Justin and Kristin and kids