The Show Must Go On

There are mostly only two things that I want to say about this week:

1. We did a trillion mini exchanges. E’erybody is sick this week, so we did little splits so that lessons could still be taught. The show must go on. It was kinda fun though, we got to go gallivanting all over Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Golden.

2. Shout out to Tammy Anderson, angel among women. Sister Rod and I were downstairs doing weekly planning, when Sister Sabey came down and said we had a huge package on the doorstep! We eagerly ran to the foot of the stairs to see our spoils. It really was a huge bag full of Christmas joy! From none other than Tammy Anderson, who’s dad is my Grandma Bonnie’s cousin. Did I get that right? Well, I have to tell you, there is nothing like a little lovin from the extended family tree. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Other than that, I took a picture with a Portola sign and I felt right at home.
Other than that, the gators are good and the church is true.

One love,

Sister Joslin



Thanks and Giving!

This week was full of so much thanks and so much giving. Shout out to the Lyons for feeding us Thanksgiving dinner. If you want to meet 20 some odd people that will change your life, meet the Lyons. And get this, they have a daughter named Jen and a granddaughter named Jocelyn. Don’t worry, I’m including a Jen, Jen Joslin, Jocelyn picture.

So does anyone remember how last Thanksgiving Sister Cope and I just had the worst night? Okay, I just looked back at that blog entry and this is all I said:

“On thanksgiving night Sister Cope and I were in bed, maybe having a little pillow talk, and we were maybe a little agitated about one thing or another. We just couldn’t sleep at all. So midnight rolls around, and we weigh our options, and we decide that between trying to sleep or getting out of bed to eat pie and mashed potatoes, trying to sleep is the inferior option. So we just sat in the dark and ate our feelings, and fell soundly to sleep right after.”

So long story short, the Elders were being punks, and we got in a fight for like two weeks. Ever since it’s been a big joke that they ruined our Thanksgiving. Well, this Thanksgiving what should I find on my doorstep but a pumpkin pie with a note that says “We hope this Thanksgiving is better than the last one – Elder Jessee and Elder Rollins.” It was just the kindest gesture and really set the tone for the day.
Now listen to this story about our investigator, Boyd. We were teaching him at a members’ house and had a really great lesson. At the end, we were giving him some chapters from the Book of Mormon to read. Alma 40-42. As I opened up to the chapters to show him where he would be reading, he exclaimed “Oh, I know Alma! I love that Ammon guy! He takes care of business!” So true, Boyd. So true.
And that’s about all I’ve got to say about that.
One love.
Sister Joslin
I Heart You breakfast
Hawaiin shirt
Jocelyn, Jen Joslin, Jen…
Joselyn, Jen Joslin, Jen
Thanks Lyon family for letting me uphold the tradition!

Thanks Lyon family for giving me letting me uphold the tradition!

7 Things I Am Thankful For

7 things I am grateful for:

1. My companion. Can we all just take a second to remember how exciting it was when Sister Rod and I became companions? 7 weeks later and every day is still a blessing.
2. The Sabeys, who let us eat their chips and salsa. And live in their incredible basement. And be a part of their family.
3. Decorating the Christmas tree with Lynn, Rylee, and Kenna (and Maddy the dog). I just wish that you knew these people, because they are beautiful to the core.
4. The Rocky Mountains. Turns out road trips through the Rockies at 6 in the morning make for stunning views.
5. The Gospel. Duh.
6. A family that loved, supported, and nurtured me. And never said things like, “Women should raise their kids, and then if they want to be a nurse they can.” Or things like, “So, what did you do before your mission? Beauty school?”
7. People from Reno. Like Janelle Marshall. And our new zone leader, Elder Martinez. #getinthezone #renozone
Things are good.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
Love always,
Sister Joslin
3 at church 4 in parking lot

Two Missed Calls

This week we got our hair done.

We had an investigator do it for us. It wasn’t particularly satisfactory, she charged us an arm and a leg, and she dropped us while she was shampooing my hair. I’ve had better days.

This weekend we had transfer calls.

By Saturday evening we had heard from our district and zone leaders that we were staying together. Feeling confident, we went to our dinner and ate way too much. (You don’t understand – they gave us key lime pie for dessert). One hour later we left our dinner appointment, checked our phone, and found two missed calls from President Murdock. We called him back, and the conversation went a little something like this:

Pres.: “Well, Sisters, all good things must come to an end.”
Us: “Wait, President, I thought we were staying together.”
Pres.: “So did I, until I received other inspiration. I need you both to serve in another capacity.”

By this time tears are welling up in our eyes and we’re starting to feel completely cheated. 6 weeks was just not long enough.

Pres.: “So do you want your transfer news now or another time?”
Us: “We’ll take it now.”

He then asked us to serve as STL’s.

Us: “So does that mean we get to stay together?”
Pres.: “Yes.”

It’s true. We get to stay together. Everyone just likes to mess with us. But this means we’ll be together at least through December 30. Christmas cards, here we come.

Other than that, it’s winter time and the livin is easy.
People are coming to church, we live with the best family in the world, the snow is beautiful. Life couldn’t get better than this.

Much love,

Sis Jos

So Many Good Things!

So many good things happened this week.

Por ejemplo:

We celebrated a belated Nevada Day with the arrival of our Battle Born t-shirts.

We had dinner with our invesitigator, Lynn (there has never been a better family than Lynn and her two daughters – Rylee and Kenna). We made pizza and then talked about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon on the daily. (Sidenote: if you want to find yourself trapped in a downward spiral of apathy and uncertainty, stop reading the Book of Mormon every day.)

Zone conference! Is there anything better than spending a whole day with all of your favorite missionaries? Yes, it’s spending the day with all of your favorite missionaries, and doing a district musical number. Joseph Smith’s First Prayer to the tune of Homeward Bound.

Saturday morning breakfast with BroStrat (ward mission leader). It’s my favorite tradition. He always teaches us how to make weirdly healthy things. So much flax seed.

Saturday yard work with the Sabeys. Is there anything better than yard work with the people you love? (Disclaimer: I did not always have this attitude. I’m so sorry mom.)

Yoga with Sister Sabey at the rec center this morning. I am going to be so sore tomorrow. But my life is changed.

**Shout out to the Platers**
Brother Sabey (Mark) was talking about his experience at BYU Law School. I did some quick calculating, decided the time frames lined up, and said, “Shot in the dark – did you happen to know Lori and Joe Plater at school.” He said, “Yes! They were in my class!” So that’s pretty neat.

And now, for the single best experience of my life thus far.
In May, Sister Allen and I got a call from President and Sister Murdock, saying that they had a referral for us from the Denver North mission. It was a man named James Johnson, whom the missionaries had just invited to be baptized on the 25th of May. We got to go to Denver to meet James, and then began teaching him at his home in our area. Due to some extenuating circumstances, the 25th came and went without James being baptized (not for a lack of desire on his part).

In July, Sister Caisey and I invited James to write a letter to the First Presidency of the Church, sharing his testimony and asking for permission to be baptized. President Murdock wrote a letter as well, and submitted them to the First Presidency in August.

Last week, I got a phone call from Sister Caisey, explaining that the First Presidency had reviewed James’ letter, and given consent for him to be baptized.

Last night we had the privilege to attend his beautiful baptism. When I walked into the Webster building and saw James, I just couldn’t resist giving him a big hug (don’t tell anyone). I have never felt more joy. To be with the Clement Park ward, witnessing James’ baptism, sitting next to Sister Rodriguez, I just couldn’t imagine a more perfect night.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

I love you. #alwaysforever #sodoesGod

Sister Joslin

PS. Pictures to follow…tomorrow.

Short and Sweet

This week we helped a lady move for 18 hours. I wish I was exaggerating.

It ended up being sort of fun though. We got to spend lots of quality time with our zone.
Yesterday Lynn came to church. She loved it. Next week she is going to a missionary farewell in another stake, but she wants to come to our ward for an hour and then head over there. She really gets it.
Miracles abound. The church is true. Nothing beats a Colorado Autumn.
Catch you next week.
Sister Joslin
J n J in Hats
J n J

Great Week

This week I just want to take a moment to praise the name of the Sabeys. They are family away from family. They take care of us temporally, spiritually, emotionally – in every way they are angels. I just want you all to meet them. Everyone come visit Denver so you can.

Now I want to tell you about Tuesday. Guess who I had exchanges with. SISTER COPE. My trainer! We got to relive the good ol days of tracting the streets of Grand Junction with leaves falling all around us. We sang the same old songs (Lord, I would Follow Thee), shared the same old Mormon Messages (Mountains to Climb), and whistled a whole lot. It was a happy day indeed.

Now I want to tell you about Saturday. Guess what we did for our ward trunk or treat. The pictures will likely give you clues. We were Harry and Hermione! Black pencil skirt, white button up, Gryffindor scarves, wands (courtesy of our ward mission leader), a cauldron (courtesy of his wife), Hogwarts: A History and Quidditch Through the Ages (courtesy of the Sabeys), and my deathly hallows earrings (courtesy of Kate and Madeleine). I think at least a few people enjoyed it.
I think that’s all I want to tell you about. Except to say that we are teaching some incredible people right now, and I love them.
Oh wait, one more thing. I got to see Sister Stutz (Clement Park) at the Mellow Mushroom! It was such a good moment.
Love you all. Make it a great week.
Sis Jos

Halloween 10-14 HP and Herm halloween 2 HP and Herm halloween group 2 10-14 group 10-14 Jen and JoyceAnn and dalmation

Shout Out To The Biggest Little City!


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Ok, I decided to write my blog email before reading anything else in an effort to stay focused and actually write something. So here goes!

My life with Sister Rodriguez is perfect. Our days consist of beautiful weather, falling leaves, golden investigators, good music, referrals out the wazoo, matching outfits, dark chocolate cookie butter cups from Trader Joes (go buy some right now), and lots of lovin from ward members. Life could not get any better.
For some reason though we keep forgetting to take pictures…. but don’t worry, we’ve set goals and made plans to work on it.
Oh, here’s a big announcement: WE MOVED TO THE SABEYS!!!!!!! I love love love this family more than anything. And I love love love their house. It is so well-lit! And remember how I have a phobia of dimly lit places? Well, let’s just say we have emerged from the darkness and have seen the light. Here’s our addy: 
6132 S Marion Way
Centennial, Colorado 80121
Also, Levi got baptized this weekend. He is a cute kid. And he made a covenant with God, so things are going really well for him. 
Hey, did you all see Meet the Mormons? It’s incredible. But for some reason we’ve met some members who have been skeptical and haven’t wanted to spend their money on it. If you fit in that category, stop it (Unless you legitimately can’t afford it. Live within your means). But if you can, go see it, and take your neighbors. 
I think that’s about it. Oh except that I want to tell you what our voicemail message is:
“Hi, you’ve reached the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving you here in the Cornerstone Park ward, the biggest little ward in the Littleton stake….” Just a little shout out to the Biggest Little City for ya.
Love you all,
Sister Joslin